Button Compatibility

Not all arcade push buttons are created equal. This applies to their feel and their size. Most arcade push buttons from the likes of Sanwa, Seimitsu, Samducksa, Qanba are generally stated as being "24mm" or "30mm" in diameter. In truth, all have slightly different diameter sizing and thus a one size fits all approach is not as straight forward as it first seems.

Our fight stick cases can accommodate any button from the major brands stated, however due to their slightly different sizing, our fight stick cases has been designed to work optimally with Sanwa OBSF push buttons and screw in buttons from any of the other major brands.


Seimitsu snap in buttons are smaller in height and diameter compared to Sanwa OBSF snap in buttons. The buttons will feel loose when installed on our fight stick cases. In addition, due to its shorter height, the push buttons will not snap in with the acrylic cover installed. Therefore we recommend recommend that you use Seimitsu screw in buttons instead of the snap in variant.

Sanwa OBSF

Sanwa OBSF are popular snap in style push buttons. They will feel nice and tight when installed and will snap in with or without the acrylic cover installed.

Samducksa & Qanba

Both manufacturers offer screw in style push buttons known as SDB 202 and Gravity. They will install without any issues with or without the acrylic cover installed.


Use Sanwa OBSF buttons, otherwise use screw in style buttons from Seimitsu, Crown, Qanba. Semitsu snap in buttons will feel loose, snap in buttons from Crown and Qanba have not been tested in our cases.