Wiring Guide | Brook Harness

Wiring up your fightstick can seem daunting at first, especially if you have never done it before. However as you'll see in this guide its completely solderless and relatively straightforward. 

This guide is specifically for Brook fighting boards, the Fighting Board Cable and the Hit Box Cable. We also recommend you check out the Button Compatibility Guide too if you are unsure what fits.


If you are wiring up a leverless build (aka Hit Box), you will need both the Fighting Board Cable and the Hit Box Cable. If you are wiring up a lever build, then you only need the Fighting Board Cable. 

Each button will require a black "ground" wire and a colour "signal" wire. You will notice that a button has two terminals, it does not mater which terminal recieves the ground wire or signal wire. Our own preference is to connect the ground wire to the left terminal.

Connecting the Brook Board

To get inside the fight stick, turn it over and remove four bolts holding down the aluminium plate. You'll need a phillips head screw driver for this. We recommend that you connect the wire harness to the brook board before mounting the board to the case as shown in the picture below. Make sure the pins are aligned correctly after insertion! The correct orientation is for the wires shown in my right hand to be to the right of the Brook board.

Back Panel 

We recommend that you start with the back panel first and connect things up as per the image below. The green = TP, blue = R3, pink = L3. Note that there will be a spare black ground wire which will not be used.

Now wire up the remaining buttons on the back panel as per the image below. The white = start, Grey = home, Red = share.
Also take this opportunity and connect the eight black daisy chained wires to the action buttons.

Kick Buttons

Now we are ready to finish up connecting the kick buttons. The orange = 1K, yellow = 2k, green = 3k, black = 4k

Punch Buttons

Almost there! Time to do the punch buttons. The blue = 1P, red = 2P, grey = 3P, purple = 4P. 


Easy step this. Just orientate the lever so that its male connector is facing away from the action buttons, then simply plug in as shown in the image below.

Leverless aka Hit Box

You will need to plug the Hit Box Cable to the Fighting Board Cable as shown in the image below. Make sure to line up the colours, then insert.

Now wire up the movement buttons as per the image below. Orange = up, yellow = left, red = down, green = right.

Finally plug in the USB cable from the panel mount to the Brook board. 

Bottom Panel

This is only relevant for Cthulhu. The height of the clear insulation on Brook's wire harness is quite tall and rigid. Due to the internal depth of Cthulhu, you will need to spend a small amount of time adjusting the wires after installation so that the bottom panel can easily close. The best thing to do is just move the wires so they are located between the buttons, that way the wires can be pushed down lower when the bottom aluminium panel is installed. If you prefer you can also slightly bend the button terminal to the side so that the height of the connected wire is reduced. Don't worry the button terminals are very malleable and won't snap off.