Wiring Guide | One-Zero Harness

Wiring up your fightstick can seem daunting at first, especially if you have never done it before. However as you'll see in this guide, it is very straightforward, completely solderless and in 10 easy steps.

This guide is specifically for Brook fighting boards and the One-Zero Wire Harness. We also recommend you check out the Button Compatibility Guide too if you are unsure what fits.

Connecting the Brook Board

To get inside the fight stick, turn it over and remove four bolts holding down the aluminium plate. You'll need a phillips head screw driver for this. We recommend that you connect the wire harness to the brook board before mounting the board to the case as shown in the picture below. Make sure the pins are aligned correctly after insertion!


Wiring the Buttons & Lever

A picture speaks a thousand words so they say. Each button will require a black "ground" wire and a colour "signal" wire. You'll notice that a button has two terminals, it does not mater which terminal recieves the ground wire or signal wire. Our own preference is to connect the ground wire to the left terminal.

Recommended Wiring Steps

  1. We recommend you connect the back panel buttons first using the six daisy chained black ground wire.
  2. Now connect the L3, R3, TP yellow signal wire to the buttons. The shortest yellow wire is L3, next size up is R3 and the longest is touch pad (TP).
  3. To finish off the back panel, connect the Start, Home, Share green signal wire to the buttons. The shortest green wire is Start, next size up is Home and the longest wire is Share.
  4. Time to connect up the action buttons using the eight daisy chained black ground wire.
  5. Now connect the purple "kick" signal wire to the buttons. The longest being 1K down to the shortest being 4K.
  6. Similary connect the red "punch" signal wire to the buttons. The longest being 1P down to the shortest being 4P.
  7. Finish off with lever and movement buttons:
    • If you are connecting the lever, orientate it so that its male connector is facing away from the action buttons, then simply plug in as shown in the image above.
    • Movement buttons will require you to connect the black ground and signal wire as shown in the image above. For avoidance of doubt, orange = up, green = right, red = down, left = yellow.
  8. With everything wired up, every button should have a black ground wire and a colour signal wire connected to it.
  9. Now plug in the USB-B from the back panel to the Brook Board.
  10. Finish!​ Plug that baby up to your console / PC and test the buttons!