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Cool Bear

The successor to the now discontinued One-Zero fight stick. A single slab of monolithic aluminium. Machined. That is the simple principal behind Cthulhu. Finished to a fine grain texture and anodised for increase wear and tear resistance. Minimal, sleek, timeless. You may not need this, but you definitely may want this. 

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, there may be very faint machining lines visible on the external face of the case and there may be very minor blemishes to the anodising coating. On the least visible parts of the case:

  • Machining lines on the internal face will appear more visible with a 'rougher' finish compared to the external face of the case.
  • The bottom aluminium panel has a different finish compared to the main aluminium case and will have some visible fine line scratches.
  • The bottom aluminium panel is silver even if you select a black colour Leviathan.

The included acrylic cover may have  1 or 2 small white / black speck(s). This is normal and a side effect of the acrylic panel manufacturing.

We are being fully transparent so that you can decide whether this is a deal breaker or not. 

The purchase of this product includes the case with all required bolts, acrylic cover, USB panel mount and aluminium bottom panel with anti slip mat. You will need to do self assembly for a fully working fight stick. As a guide the following additional items are required for a full build:

Full Spec
  • Weight: 2.4kg (inc acrylic & aluminium bottom plate).
  • Overall size 380mm x 210mm x 53mm (W x L x D).
  • Machined aluminium with acrylic cover and aluminium base plate (anti slip mat included).
  • Anodised, fine grain texture finish.
  • Mount for Brook fighting board.
  • Classic Hit Box button layout comprising:
    • 8 x 24mm action button; and
    • 6 x 24mm option button.
  • Supports arcade push buttons from Sanwa, Seimitsu, Samducksa and Qanba. Refer to our Compatibility Guide for more information.