Universal Fighting Board Fusion

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Brook fighting boards allow for solderless and hassle free fight stick builds when used with the One-Zero wire harness or Brook's wire harness. This version of the fighting board comes with pre-soldered headers and supports a dizzying array of systems, truly deserving of it's 'universal' name. 

Supported systems:

  • PS5 (fighting games only), PS4, PS3
  • Xbox series S/X, One, 360, OG Xbox
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC, Mac

Stand out features of this board includes SOCD cleaning, console auto detection, upgradeable firmware, low input latency and is tournament legal. For more information please visit Brook's website.

If you want your fight stick to work with various consoles, PC or Mac, this is the board to get. If you only require PC and switch support then check out the lower cost Zero Pi Fighting Board.